Dragan Zan Wright is a Sydney based psychotherapist, educator, trainer and public speaker specialising in the fields of:

  • complex trauma

  • trauma informed care 

  • transgender experience

  • gender diversity

  • the spectrum of sexuality and sexual expression


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Psykhe: breath, spirit, soul, mind, life, understanding Therapeia: Healing The Greek origins of the word psychotherapy; beautifully describe what it means. Psychotherapy: is a process where one can learn about self.


Education & Training

- Adverse Childhood & Adult Experience

-Gender and Sexuality Diversity (GSD)

- Conscious Inclusion


I find the most potent speakers are those who speak from their own experience.

I bring my lived experience alongside my professional training, to my work as an educator and speaker.


Whether you're working with people individually or as part of an organisation, getting good supervision will enable you to not only support people in the best way possible, but to make sure you're looked after in the process.


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